Aluminium Radiators


Aluminium radiators have the advantage of being made from a very lightweight material which has incredible heat conducting properties. Aluminium radiators have the advantage of being able to provide heat quickly to less commonly used areas, such as conservatories and loft spaces, efficiently and effectively. As a convector radiator they really come into their own by having the additional advantage of creating a chimney effect within the radiator to maximise its function.

Many models within our range utilise this feature, and as a result create high efficiency radiators with low water content, which allows for maximum comfort at a low running cost for your central heating system. They are space savers, and also economical and efficient.

Aluminium radiators are viewed as the eco-friendly radiator option, providing rapid heat when needed.
Aluminium radiators holds a fifth of the water content that a traditional radiator does, but they produce more or less 15% more heat output.

The radiators offered here have a fantastic heat output and are consequently great value for money. They can be used as showpieces, as well as fully functioning additions to your existing home radiators.
These premium quality high-end design range of aluminium radiators are suitable for connection to a central heating system. Carefully sourced, they feature the following:

•        Largest range of low level, horizontal and vertical sizes
•        Stylish design & manufacture
•        High quality aluminium construction
•        Brilliant & Structured anodized finish or textured RAL colours
•        Ultra efficient heat output
•        Extensive range
•        5 year guarantee
•        Lowest price